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The Company

The satisfaction and trust of our clients are our priority. With a broad portfolio, Forteligas is a company that offers raw materials for export such as copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, zinc and all the metals in general that are used in a variety of segments, as the consumer goods industry (automobile, electric and domestic utensils), steel mill, chemical industry, infrastructure, and also aluminum and non-ferrous metals foundry. We have conscience of our responsibility to provide products with quality; therefore we guarantee the chemical specificities of every single material we provide by utilizing the most advanced technology and analysis methods.



Class Scrap Clips Chopp wire c Tain Tarbor Tense UBC Zorba


Barley Berry Sweet Birch Cliff Dreaming Clips Turns Cooper Tellurium Cupronickel

Stainless Steel

304 316 High Temperature Alloys


Honey Ebony Composition Turns CDA 260 CDA 360 Ocean Radiators


Mobile instruments of analysis

Every single one of our plants is equipped with up-to-date technology. We have modern mobile instruments of analysis, presses packaging and high performance shear. We invest systematically in technology in order to supply to you high quality products.


The screening of residues consists in the separation and cleaning operation of several residues and/or residues components of other undesirable materials for posterior packaging. The residues are treated in accordance with the processes normalized by the regulatories institutes.

Social Responsibility

Forteligas adopts a full, transparent and ethical management, governed under the labor laws of Brazil. This conduct seeks to achieve fair social development. Therefore, the company offers and additional health program to its employees enhancing human capital in a suitable working environment.